The success story of Bewakoof co-founder Prabhkiran Singh

When all the fashion companies are talking about being classy, there is only Bewakoof that promotes being fashionable silly. Bewakoof is a fashion e-commerce portal that is totally different from others. Bewakoof offers trendy collection of apparels that youth finds fascinating like trendy clothes, shoes, upbeat designs which resonates with millennials. Bewakoof was founded by Siddharth Munot and Prabhkiran Singh in 2012.

This article will let you know more about Bewakoof.

How Bewakoof works?

Bewakoof was founded in 2012, it is a lifestyle brand that makes creative and trendy apparels for Indian youth. It was launched to create impact through honesty, new innovations and thoughtfulness. Bewakoof is one of the most sought-after fashion brands of this generation.

Bewakoof sells products like everyday outfits, mobile covers that’s available on a pocket-friendly budget. Also, that unique and attractive name is enough to turn heads.

How was Bewakoof started?

One fine day, the founders of Bewakoof – Siddharth Munot and Prabhakiran Singh – were sitting outside of their campus and pondering the possible ideas of their venture. The idea of T-shirt was finalized with their mission of bringing the humour factor into the daily lifestyle of college students.

Prabhakiran Singh and Siddharth Munot were thinking about the latest trendy fashions of youth. Both started designing quotes for their T-shirts. And that’s how Bewakoof came into their mind. Back in 2010, when both of them were searching for domain name for their newly started T-shirt printing business, they came across and purchased that immediately.

So, it finally happened that the month of April was about to come and April fool’s day was just after some days. The name Bewakoof is really attractive, humorous and sits perfect with today’s youth. Bewakoof’s targeted audience were only the college students. It was T-shirt with humorous design which depicted the various scenarios of students’ lives.

Bewakoof name tagline and logo

The name Bewakoof was finalized by the founder by understanding society that has a notion that Bewakoof (fool) does silly stunts and activities. That’s how the name Bewakoof came into effect.

The firm believes that only these ‘Bewakoof log’ (fools) make this world better and beautiful place to live in. So, the founders thought that it will be a great name and it is. The decision of finalizing name surely acted in their favour that has given popularity to

Bewakoof start-up promotions

Bewakoof used Justdial and Facebook to promote their products in the initial stage. They worked so well for their products that in just few months, Bewakoof’s Facebook page had more than 75,000 engaged users. Apart from social media channels, they also started campaigning in some dynamic colleges where they said students to spread their ‘bewkoofy’ (idiocy) around their college campus.

Apart from this, the company also promoted their products by collaborating with top e-commerce sites like Indiatimes Shopping, Snapdeal and Seventymm to sell their appealing apparel range and some other trendy products.

The marketing teams drove some attractive pages to generate traffic through Facebook and named ‘2 min yaar raste me hu’ and official company page “”. Both the pages were well received by the target audience. These pages attracted their audience with memes and trolls which were also used to promote their apparel catalogue on Bewakoof’s site.

Bewakoof also provides some user-friendly plans like COD (cash on delivery) and their return policy is also great. So that their customers would be regular and have a great experience shopping through Great ideas help you to become great achiever.

Founder and Team

Both Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot are civil graduates from IIT Mumbai and always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduation from IIT Mumbai, Prabhakiran and Siddharth followed their sperate ways.

Prabhkiran started his own lassi (buttermilk) venture outside his college and named it khadke glassi. Ultimately, it didn’t go that well and shut down.

Siddharth started working with a start-up that was something related to educational stuff. After trying stints in their respective careers, both of them decided to launch their own T-shirt printing business.

Currently, Bewakoof has a team of more than 400 members with 3million sold products.

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