The success story of an ethical hacker

For the last many decades, Indian Society has had a tendency of emphasizing one’s academic qualification. If your academic marks are not good enough as per their parameters, they don’t deem you fit to be called a sincere person. Even if you become a so-called sincere person, Indian parents most of the time, want their kids to become a government employee so as to live a stable life. If not government employee, parents want their kids to become an engineer or doctor so that they could brag about their kids among peers. But barely do they think of making their kids hackers. Hacking is usually seen as a negative term but there lies a difference between a hacker and an ethical hacker.

In this article, we are going to narrate the unconventional story of a boy who broke all the set norms of our traditional society. Despite failing in eighth standard he became a successful hacker. We are talking about none other than one of the most successful ethical hackers of India – Trishneet Arora. At the tender age of 19, Trishneet became the CEO of TAC Security Solutions that helps prevent and investigate cybercrimes. Not only an ethical hacker but he is the author of many books too.

He skipped ninth standard and completed high school by means of correspondence. Quite possibly, most of us would have dismissed him and tagged him “good for nothing”. But Trishneet never wrote him off as he was always aware of his passion that lied in computers rather than rote learning. His love for computers led him become and entrepreneur.

Since his childhood, Trishneet was not really interested in studies. What fascinated him was gadgets and toys. When his father bought a computer, Trishneet’s fascination towards technology only grew further. He began spending most of his time understanding the hardware of the system. At the tender age of 11, his familiarity with gadgets was growing at a very rapid pace. His father would think that his lad was wasting a lot of time on the computer. So, he tried to lock the computer with a password. However, the sharp mind of Trishneet decrypted the computer and got the access needed.

The Tech Master

In a couple of months, Trishneet witnessed certain technical glitches in his computer. He was willing to learn how to resolve the issues. So, whenever his dad used to take the computer to a hardware shop to get it fixed, the child would accompany him. When the technician would work on the system, Trishneet would observe the operations closely. This way, he became familiarized with the hardware of a computer. Soon, he became an expert of such calibre that his neighbours would approach him if they had a problem with any of their machines. He would fix the issues and return it to them in no time. He became an expert at the age of only 12.

Lustreless results

Trishneet had a severe anti-study routine because of his occupation with gadgets and machines most of the time. This had huge repercussions on his study and results. And due to a constant lack of interest, he failed miserably in the 8th standard. At such a lower level, it was rare to fail and that too in an entire academic year. At the dismal performance of their kid, his parents were shocked. They were worried about him repeating an entire year of his student life. Also, the societal discomfort in telling relatives about the unsatisfactory performance added to their personal disappointment. They thought a bleak future was waiting for their child.

Parents as pillars

Nevertheless, despite being disappointed, his parents never forced their views on him unlike most of the parents. Rather they spent quality time with him and tried to find the deeper reason why their kid failed rather than guiding him to study harder the next time. And this is when Trishneet opened up about his lover for computers. He did a heart to heart talk and told them that it was just the software and hardware that fascinated him and nothing else, not the school, not even studies. He just wanted to learn more and more about computers and technology. Trishneet’s parents made a bold decision after listening to his side.

They allowed him to drop out of school and finish studies through correspondence. This would allow him more time to assign towards his passion of learning about computers.

Self-made Entrepreneur

The confidence his parents showed in him gave him a major boost. He would spend more and more time reading and learning about machines, technology, and computers. He began taking small projects of fixing computers and cleaning up software. He received appreciations for his work by his clients. At the age of 19, he got his first cheque of ₹ 60000. Soon, he started working on expanding his work, reach, and contribute to society. And that is how he thought of kickstarting his own company – TAC Security Solutions. For the company, he invested all his savings. He would break the security walls of corporations and people’s computer systems to let them know about the areas they need to fortify.

To avert any data breach, his company would offer security solutions to them and help in getting more secured. In the 21st century, when it is all about the internet taking over other modes of communication, it becomes vital to be completely cognizant of the kind of risks that can harm you and TAC Security solutions does exactly that.

Going beyond limits

Trishneet’s company is not only limited to offering help to private companies but it also assists government agencies. He has worked with the CBI, the Crime Branch and has also been the IT adviser to the state of Punjab. In today’s time, curbing cybercrimes is turning out to be a challenging opportunity for security agencies. In such circumstances, it becomes all the more important to have talents like Trishneet Arora who dreams of building a billion-dollar Cyber Security company. Since inception, TAC Security Solutions has grown a lot to have its offices in four Indian cities and also one in Dubai.

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