Top 10 cheap countries to visit when you are young?

India is young and so are its ambitions. For last several years, the internet boom has increased the love of Indian people for tourism. Tourism is directly related to good health. Many researchers have concluded those who frequently visit various tourism places are less prone to health issues. It also helps them Psychologically. We keep pondering about the countries to visit when we are young. Today, we have come up with top 10 cheap countries to visit which you can enjoy with your family when you are young. These are the places where a whole food at a local restaurant costs the same as a movie ticket back home or where you can sleep at a good hotel for what you only get a PG bed in other places.

Check out the cheaper countries in different regions around the world and why you should go there.

1. Thailand:  This country is famous for some amazing beaches, park and mountainous terrain.

2. CZECH Republic: You can visit this country for seeing some amazing architectural buildings or amazing games.

3. Turkey: Looking tosee beauty of nature along with satiating taste buds? This country is for you.

4.  Sri Lanka: This small island nation is known as pearl of the Indian Ocean. It became a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers.

5. Indonesia: You’ll get a lot of people going to Indonesia because of the splendid beauty this country offers. It takes you to the second largest tropical forests. Or you can see some active volcanoes or wildlife.

6. Morocco: Morocco is known for being one of the most tempting of Arab nations. Morocco is relatively safe, stable and peaceful.

7. Nepal: Visit this country for seeing some amazing mountains. The country offers a magnificent setting for hiking and mountaineering, as well as some of the best white waters.

8. Denmark: One of the most stunning countries in the world. This is where you can get some amazing art, fashion, palaces and castles.

9. Egypt: This country is famous for seeing some amazing historical stuffs.

10. Bhutan: You can visit this country for some cultural activities or special Bhutanese dance.

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