Top 10 holiday destinations for new year

If you want to go on holiday for new year, you have to be prepared for it one month prior. Be sure to pick one destination where you want to go. To ease your plan, we at Revopreneur have come up with a list of top 10 holiday destinations for new year.

Here is our list of top 10 holiday destinations for new year.

  • Thailand
    • Thailand is one of the most famous places and also one of the cheapest new year destinations.
  • Vietnam
    • Vietnam is not only a country but also a land that overcame hardships to blossom into a peaceful country with a welcoming heart. Vietnam is also known as best budget destination in new year.
  • Dubai
    • Dubai is mainly known as for the entertainment and luxurious lifestyle it offers. There is not any place like Dubai for celebrating new year eve.
  • Sri Lanka
    • Srilanka often surprises its visitors with its depth in culture, tranquillity in lifestyle and variety in beautiful landscape. Sri Lanka is also one of the best budget-friendly places to travel in December.
  • Egypt
    • Egypt is popularly known for their old culture of pyramids. In recent years, Egypt has started the development of tourist environment for offering tourists a good experience of travel. Egypt is also considered as one of the affordable budget destinations for new year.
  • Russia
    • Russia is one of the best pocket-friendly destinations for new year for all those who are looking for affordable foreign trips from India.

  • Oman
    • Oman is known for its creativity and an open-minded attitude. Oman is considered as one of the economical places to travel during new year.
  • Singapore
    • Singapore is best place if you’re searching for music, entertainment and the mind-blowing fireworks. For the party lovers, Singapore would be the best option.
  • Bali
    • Bail has all of it whether it’s food, nightclubs or the fireworks. Bali is indeed one of the best places to visit during new year.
  • Scotland
    • This place is one of the loveliest places across the globe. Scotland plans surprises for tourists during new year. This place has all like shows, concerts, and fireworks.
  • That’s it for the top 10 list of holiday destinations. I hope this article helped you to know where you can visit during new year.

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