Top 5 alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently announced a new update which basically states that it will be checking into more of your data, something that no user wants, right? Now we know that sudden switch to a different apps can be a little bit tough for us. In this article, we’ll help you know about the top 5 alternatives to WhatsApp that you can use for communicating with your friends and family with safety measures.

Here is the list of top 5 alternatives to WhatsApp

Signal: Signal is considered one of the best apps for communicating with your friends. Signal is a free app easily available on both Android and iOS. It’s very easy to use. Signal offers you features like voice chat, video calling and voice calling with all safety measures. Once you start using Signal, you won’t miss WhatsApp except for its status feature.

Telegram: Every little thing according to your need can be found on Telegram be it your favourite movies, web series and many more. With more than 200 million organic users, Telegram is one of the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp. You can easily use it on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Wire: Wire is basically secured by European data retention laws. It is a safe messaging app with all safety measures. On wire you can create your personal account as well as business accounts with paid plans. Wire offers you two features as its usual features like quality voice or video communications. You can also share your customized files with your friends, colleagues and with anyone you want.

Discord: Discord is not just an app for chatting with your fellow gamers. You can also use Discord for your personal massages, emotes, emoji. If you’ve Discord Nitro, the updated version of Discord, you can use GIFs, and share photos. Even you can make voice or video calls or even more. App is available on both Android and iOS.

Share chat: Share chat is more than just a chatting app. This app can make you famous, all you have to do is make your videos or post on share chat. You can make your new friends or random chat with anyone. App is easily available on Android or iOS and very easy to use it.

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