US keeping an eye on India-China border dispute

The US is keeping an eye on the border row between India and China. According to a senior Trump administration official, it does not want the situation to worsen. He said that the Trump administration was offering assistance to India by means of joint military exercises, defence sales and information sharing. Since early May, India and China are locked in an acrimonious border standoff in eastern Ladakh. This has strained the bilateral ties significantly. To resolve the issue, both sides have held a series of diplomatic and military talks. Nonetheless, both could not achieve any breakthrough to end the standoff. In the week of August, China ineffectively tried to occupy Indian territory on the southern bank of Pangong Lake.

About increased cooperation in Southeast Asia, the US was having an ongoing dialogue with India. The current situation in the Indo-Pacific region due to China’s increasing military muscle-flexing has become a major talking point among chief global powers. To check China’s growing assertiveness, the US has been favouring to make Quad – a security architecture. In the East and South China seas, China is involved in fiercely disputed territorial disputes. In the recent years, Beijing has also made considerable development in militarising its man-made islands.

Over all of the South China Sea, Beijing claims sovereignty but Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei Vietnam, and Taiwan have counterclaims.  Apart from this, China has territorial disputes with Japan in the East China Sea. Countries believe that the East China Sea and the South China Sea are stated to be rich in oil, minerals, and other natural resources.

Courtesy: Financial Express

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