What is the future of Indian farming?

As you know, for any country, farmers hold utmost importance. We can’t survive without food that is produced by farmers. Suppose you are able to know while sitting in your home that your crop need water and in the next four days, your crop will be attacked by pesticides. Imagine you get to press a button in your phone and water spray start in your agricultural land and also the pesticides killer medicine help get rid of all the pesticides. Don’t raise your eyebrows, it’s not just imagination, it’s going to be true in the future. Something like this is about to happen in our future of farming.

In this article, we’ll help you know what will be the future of Indian farming? In the upcoming time, which technology will play a crucial role in India and will be profitable for farmers?

Let’s have a look at the techniques of farming in the future.

Community farming:

In India, we usually say that a farmer always lives in liabilities and dies in liabilities, sometimes due to droughts, sometimes due to hailstorms and sometimes with drying up of the agriculture land but here is the solution of that.

  • If all the farmers of village come together and cultivate in at least 200 to 300 acres, then the farmers will benefit.
  • If farmers select better seeds to agriculture.
  • Use right kind of goods machinery in agriculture.  
  • Take right decisions and take some special knowledge about farming so that the growing power of agricultural land will develop and offer benefit as well.


Drones will be very helpful in upcoming days for Indian farmers. A drone is like a small robot helicopter which you control with the help of mobile or remotes. Here are some fruitful uses of drones in the future of farming in India.

  • Drones are useful for killing pesticides through spray.
  • A good drone can carry 100 to 150 litres of water at a time. Also, this technique can save your crops from burning or drying up.
  • From the help of drone, you can see your whole agricultural land sitting in your home.

Pest forecast:

Suppose knowing the attack of pesticides even before they destroy your crops. Then you’ll be able to finish them before they do any harm, you don’t need to spend much on your agricultural land for pesticides. You’ll find it with the help of an app in your mobile and with this app, you’ll know that on which particular part of land pesticides attack can be maximum. Then you can be prepared for it.

  • Drip irrigation:
  • Many farmers are using this technique because this is the most valuable part in agriculture. It is estimated that in upcoming 20 years, there will be shortage of drinking water. If this happens then using water for irrigation is really hard. You should use the drip irrigation process. Here are some useful ways of drip irrigation:
  • The amount of water will be in limited. You can give water to land according to need, neither much nor Less.
  • Using drip irrigation will save your water for your other essential works.

That’s it for future of farming in India. Stay tuned for other such articles and blogs.

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