WhatsApp comes out with ‘Always Mute’ feature

The much-awaited feature of WhatsApp is out now. For irritating group chats on WhatsApp, the messaging app has made the Always Mute feature available. Wabetainfo, WhatsApp features tracker, first found this feature in the beta updates of WhatsApp. This new feature will enable people get rid of those annoying WhatsApp groups forever. As is indicated by the name itself, the Always Mute option will mute your group chats forever. Before this, WhatsApp permitted users to mute their groups for one year, one week, and eight hours. WhatsApp has replaced the one-year option with Always Mute. WhatsApp has introduced the feature for both Android and iPhone users.

From its official Twitter handle, WhatsApp tweeted regarding this new update so that people could get to know about the latest feature. Let’s have a look at how to mute your group chats forever in WhatsApp:

  • Click on the group you want to mute forever
  • Click on the name of the group when you open the chat
  • You will see the Mute options under group info when you click on the name
  • Click on Mute and you will get to see the three options provided by WhatsApp
  • You will no longer get any notification from the group when you mute the group forever

When you mute a chat forever, no pictures, messages or gifs will appear in your feed. Nevertheless, you will have the option to unmute the chat if and when you feel that the group is not as fruitless as it used to be. To unmute the group, follow the same steps.

Courtesy: India Today

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