WhatsApp postpones introduction of new privacy policy

After confusion and user backlash over new privacy policy, WhatsApp has delayed its updated privacy policy to better explain what data it accumulates and how it shares that information with parent company, Facebook Inc. Earlier this month, WhatsApp had requested users to agree to the new policy by February 8. However, now it has pushed that deadline to May 15 while it further clarifies the variations. WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted. This means only a message’s sender and receiver can read it. Moreover, those messages are not accumulated on Facebook servers. However, WhatsApp is also pitching in aggressively into messaging for businesses.

As per the updated privacy policy, it was meant to caution users that some businesses would soon be using Facebook-owned servers to accumulate messages with consumers. As per Facebook, it will not make use of those messages for any kind of ad targeting. However, the language used in the updated terms of service raised questions and worried its users that Facebook would all of a sudden start seeing their private messages. WhatsApp gave a clarification and stated that wasn’t the case. It further stated that all private messages between friends and family members will remain end-to-end encrypted.

The miscommunication around WhatsApp’s new policies has led to a jump in user growth for rival apps, such as Signal and Telegram. The communication blunder has pointed to Facebook’s challenge in convincing users that the company considers their privacy seriously. Talking about the language, it is quite similar to rules introduced in 2016. However, it has had to deal with several privacy issues since then.


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