WhatsApp to soon get this feature

For the last few months, WhatsApp has been working on a new feature – Read Later. Shortly, it is likely to be released by the platform. It is ready to become the substitute of prevailing Archived Chats feature. The Read Later specification appears a better version. This is because it will not bring back the archived chats on the top of the messaging app. As of now, when you archive a distinct or group chat in WhatsApp, the service hides it in the archive section. This makes the chats invisible on the top of the messaging app. Nevertheless, the archived chat mechanically shows up on the top of the screen, when a new message arrives. This is quite irritating.

WhatsApp aims to eliminate these interruptions by means of the new Read Later feature. Once it is allowed, chats with new messages will remain in the Read Later section and customers won’t be notified if a new message comes. In the Read Later category, all chats will remain muted. As per the report, WhatsApp was working on Read Later, a substitute/development of Archived Chats. As of now, you will see the Archived chats at the end of all the chats. All you have to do is open WhatsApp and scroll down to the bottom of the chats.

You will see the ‘Archived’ option here. You need to click on to see what all chats you have attained. The chances are that the feature might first be introduced to Android WhatsApp users. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has been in the news for all the wrong users.



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