WhatsApp to support multiple devices

For long, it has been a rumour that WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support. Reportedly, the messaging app has developed a new user interface to connect devices to an account. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has not come out with the feature. It was found in the latest WhatsApp beta update on iOS. Besides, WhatsApp is also likely to get a new storage section. Currently the features are under development. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has introduced a new user interface for connecting devices. By means of WhatsApp Web, the button “Link device” is used to create a new session. User can use this to create sessions with other devices in future. On this feature, WhatsApp has been working for the longest time.

For the time being, Users can access WhatsApp from two devices at the same time. This includes a phone and a desktop. You won’t get the option to log in to WhatsApp from two phones. However, you can do it from a laptop or a computer. WhatsApp is working to let users join up to four devices using a single account. Once WhatsApp comes out with the feature, you will be able to log in from your iPad and iPhone at the same time.

Apart from this, in the latest beta update for iOS, there was the new storage user interface. In the beta update, the storage interface has got a new manage storage option. In WhatsApp settings, you have to open Storage and Data to reach the new Storage Usage. Giving preference to Storage Usage, WhatsApp has changed the order of those sections here.

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